Hi, I’m Moniruzzaman. You can call me Monir, that is my nick name actually. I don’t have a lastname in my school certificate, so sometimes I split my name as Monir Zaman then I can use my last name as Zaman when it is needed for registering online to create a profile instead writing ‘No Last Name’.

I wrote my first line of Hello Worldcode in 2007, but I lack consistency through the journy of being skilled. I’ve gone through many stuffs and jumped into one thing to another. That makes me late to become master at something. In 2012 started learning programming seriously again and never stopped since then.

In 2014 I start my professional career as web application developer, later worked with different technologies and stack. Where most of my working experience is on back-end development more than any other stack.

I have passion for analysing problem and passion for technology since my childhood. Building new tools was my real hobby, in fact still I have.

I was born in 80’s so yes I was into that analog electronics stuffs, fixing radio,TV or sometimes just for curiosity what’s going on inside or how does it work, and then the device is broken!

I’ve grew up with experiment of fixing, breaking and creating electronic tools and devices

It’s quite obvious that someone interested in solving problems or like to think about solution of a problem and then he gets a computer, his next move will be into programming. But it was late to have a computer for me

During my diploma in engineering I got my first computer and started learning programming. My first line of code was written in C. But somehow I didn’t stick with programming in that time.

After a few years I back to programming, which was completely new start from the beginning. But I wasn’t consistent with programming during that time either, because I was doing music. Yeah, I’m a guitarist and spent dedicated time with it. And after sometime started building Web Applications. We need money to survive, you know?

Nevertheless, I’ve been consistent with programming for more than four years now.

These days I mostly work with Go, and digging into network programming. Besides professional work, I like to experiment and explore different programming languages and diving into different paradigm.